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This is a publication by GAO's Inspector General that concerns internal GAO operations. In accordance with Section 5 of the Government Accountability Office Act of 2008 (GAO Act), this is the semiannual report for the first half of fiscal year 2010. During this period, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continued its efforts to finalize a number of actions to implement requirements contained in the GAO Act and certain provisions in the Inspector General Reform Act of 2008. For example, we substantially revised and strengthened the OIG order to reflect our statutory role and responsibilities and are moving forward to obtain the input and concurrence of other stakeholders, which is an important and necessary step in the process of adopting and implementing the revised OIG order. We also made changes to the OIG Web site and the OIG Hotline in order to improve the visibility of OIG and to enhance GAO employees' understanding of OIG's role, as well as to encourage employees to use the Hotline to report to OIG any situation involving possible wrongdoing at GAO. In addition, we continued to participate in the activities of the broader Inspector General community, including the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency and the Legislative Branch Inspectors General quarterly meetings.

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