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Civilian Personnel Law Manual: Title III -- Travel

OGC-89-8 Jan 01, 1989
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This is Title III of the Third Edition of the Civilian Personnel Law Manual relating to travel issues. The Manual is prepared by the Office of General Counsel. The purpose of the Manual is to present the legal entitlements of federal employees, including an overview of the statutes and regulations which give rise to those entitlements, in the following areas: Title I--Compensation, Title II--Leave, Title III--Travel, and Title IV--Relocation. The Manual generally reflects decisions of this Office issued through September 30, 1988. The material in the Manual is, of course, subject to revision by statute or through the decisionmaking process. Accordingly, this Manual should be considered as a general guide only and should not be cited as an independent source of legal authority. This Manual supersedes the Second Edition of the Civilian Personnel Law Manual which was published in June 1983 and the supplements published in 1984, 1985, and 1986.


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