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The efforts of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) to coordinate arms control research sponsored by other Federal agencies and the management of ACDA external research program were studied. The Director of ACDA is the principal advisor to the Secretary of State, the National Security Council, and the President on arms control and disarmament matters. Congress clearly intended that ACDA spearhead the Government's arms control research program through conducting and coordinating research and providing advice relating to arms control and disarmament policy formulation; managing U.S. participation in international arms control negotiations; disseminating and coordinating public information about arms control and disarmament; and directing, as needed, U.S. participation in international control systems that may result from U.S. arms control or disarmament activities. The ACDA external research program is designed to advance U.S. arms control objectives by focusing on issues under active or imminent negotiation and by providing a base for policy planning.

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