Formulation of U.S. International Energy Policies

ID-80-21 Published: Sep 30, 1980. Publicly Released: Sep 30, 1980.
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In establishing the Department of Energy (DOE), Congress gave it a central role in formulating international energy policy than its predecessors, recognizing that the complex international energy issues would require active involvement of other departments and agencies, as well as the Executive Office of the President (EOP). To find out how the United States develops international energy policy, GAO reviewed five major energy issues covering the period from early 1977 through 1979: (1) vulnerabilities to petroleum supply interruptions; (2) long-term national security strategy on imported oil prices; (3) export of U.S. oil and gas production equipment and technology to the Soviet Union; (4) World Bank initiatives to assist in financing oil and gas exploration and development in oil-importing developing countries; and (5) the role of gas imports relative to the Nation's future sources of gas.

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