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Review of Financial Activities of the Colegio Cesar Chavez

HRD-82-35 Published: Jan 20, 1982. Publicly Released: Feb 11, 1982.
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In response to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the financial status of Colegio Cesar Chavez, a coeducational, nondenominational college which offers programs leading to a bachelor's degree, to determine whether Federal grants are being spent in accordance with grant provisions. GAO provided information concerning: (1) the source and amount of Federal funds the Colegio has received since 1973; (2) whether the Colegio has spent these funds in accordance with grant provisions and has appropriately accounted for the funds; (3) whether the Colegio reported accurate enrollment information, to the extent that Federal moneys were based on enrollment; (4) the status of the Colegio's liability for properties acquired from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and an assessment of the condition and use of the property; and (5) the extent to which accreditation or lack of accreditation will affect the Colegio's eligibility to receive funds under several sources.

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