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Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO: (1) reviewed two major AmeriCorps programs--AmeriCorps State/National and AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC); (2) compared cost data for NCCC with similar data from the Department of Labor's Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers (CCC) and reasons for any major differences; (3) compared AmeriCorps participant benefits with those afforded entry-level military personnel; and (4) described information available on the results of AmeriCorps programs.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Other 1. The Chief Executive Officer of CNS should improve the usefulness of its performance planning by adding performance indicators that more directly measure how AmeriCorps programs are meeting their goals to make a difference to the communities served and to improve the lives of participants.
Closed - Implemented
CNS has responded to the recommendation by including outcome-oriented goals and data on how AmeriCorps programs make a difference to the communities served and improve the lives of participants. These goals and data were included in its fiscal year 1999 performance report.

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