Forgery of U.S. Treasury Checks--Federal Misdemeanor Law Needed

GGD-84-6 Published: Nov 17, 1983. Publicly Released: Nov 17, 1983.
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GAO conducted a review to determine whether a Federal misdemeanor forgery statute is needed for prosecuting forgery of U.S. Treasury checks and assessed the extent of Secret Service referrals of Treasury check forgery cases to local authorities for prosecution.

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Matter for Congressional Consideration

Matter Status Comments
Congress should enact legislation which will provide that forgery of a U.S. Treasury check under certain circumstances, such as a first-time offender forging a check of nominal value, be subject to prosecution as a misdemeanor. Congress presently has before it S. 829, the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1983, a section of which would create misdemeanor penalties for U.S. Treasury check forgery offenses. Should this comprehensive bill fail to be enacted, GAO recommends that the current statute (18 U.S.C. 495) be amended to create misdemeanor penalties for check forgeries.
Closed – Implemented
When we confirm what actions the agency has taken in response to this recommendation, we will provide updated information.

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