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This document supersedes GAO-10-559SP, GAO Strategic Plan, Serving the Congress and the Nation 2010-2015, July 2010. This document presents GAO's strategic plan for serving the Congress for fiscal years 2014 through 2019. (The GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 modified the delivery date of executive branch strategic plans from every 3 to every 4 years. Although as a legislative branch agency we are exempt from many laws that apply to executive branch agencies, we have chosen to conform to this change to be consistent with the Act.) The plan describes our proposed goals and strategies for supporting the Congress and the nation as the United States undergoes a period of significant change, one that entails challenging considerations and necessary compromises. We have identified seven trends that provide context for our strategic plan: 1) threats confronting U.S. national security interests; 2) fiscal sustainability and debt challenges; 3) changing dynamics of global interdependence and multilateral cooperation; 4) trends in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; 5) advances in communication networks and information technologies; 6) shifting roles in government and governance; and 7) demographic and societal changes. GAO stands ready to serve the Congress and the American people as our nation undergoes this transformative period. To effectively assist the Congress, GAO must not only perform oversight and insight work but it must also conduct foresight work to better position itself to identify the emerging issues that pose significant risks to our nation and our well-being. When members of Congress or their staffs change, GAO provides institutional memory and the program and technical expertise to support the Congress in overseeing the executive branch, evaluating spending priorities, and assessing the information provided by outside parties. GAO is a unique federal entity that can look across the government and follow federal spending internationally and domestically across federal, state, and local government levels. Our strategic plan provides detailed information about the specific areas of GAO’s work we anticipate—including a description of our goals and objectives, related performance goals, and key efforts. While the vast majority of our engagements are the result of congressional mandates or requests, this planning effort helps ensure GAO is in tune with the Congress’s priorities as it looks ahead and is able to respond appropriately.

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