Financial Management: Some DOD Contractors Abuse the Federal Tax System with Little Consequence

GAO-04-414T Published: Feb 12, 2004. Publicly Released: Feb 12, 2004.
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GAO addressed issues related to three high-risk areas including the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) financial management and IRS collection of unpaid taxes. This testimony provides a perspective on (1) the magnitude of unpaid federal taxes owed by DOD contractors, (2) whether indications exist of abuse or criminal activity by DOD contractors related to the federal tax system, (3) whether DOD and IRS have effective processes and controls in place to use the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) in collecting unpaid federal taxes from DOD contractors, and (4) whether DOD contractors with unpaid taxes are prohibited by law from receiving federal contracts. In a companion report issued today.

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