Survey of Housing Officials Regarding the Preservation of HUD's Affordable Rental Housing, an E-supplement to GAO-04-20

GAO-04-211SP Published: Jan 23, 2004. Publicly Released: Jan 23, 2004.
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This document presents the results of GAO's survey of state and local housing and community development agencies. To obtain nationwide data available on the utilization of tool's incentives to preserve the affordability of HUD's subsidized properties to low-income tenants, we surveyed these agencies via a web-based survey. The survey covered (1) the agencies experiences in preserving affordable housing, (2) the incentives they used and their effectiveness, and (3) the extent to which they identify and track properties that could leave HUD's programs. We identified 327 survey participants through lists provided by four national housing industry organizations. The survey was activated on May 12, 2003 and was available until September 5, 2003. To ensure security and data integrity, we provided each contact person with a password to access and complete the survey. From the 327, we obtained 226 useable responses for an overall response rate of 69 percent. The useable responses came from agencies in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. A more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and a discussion of the summary of the survey results are contained in our report entitled "Multifamily Housing: More Accessible HUD Data Could Help Efforts to Preserve Housing for Low Income Tenants" GAO-04-20. We conducted our survey work from May 12, 2003 through September 5, 2003 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.