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Title I of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act establishes three purposes: end-use conservation, utility efficiency, and equitable rates. To achieve the purposes, State regulatory authorities and nonregulated electric utilities must consider five regulatory standards and determine if such standards should be adopted for each electric utility for which it has ratemaking authority. States and nonregulated electric utilities must also begin considering six ratemaking standards and determine if such ratemaking standards should be implemented. States and nonregulated electric utilities are required to report to the Department of Energy (DOE) on their consideration and determination progress of the 11 standards. DOE must prepare a report to the President and Congress containing a summary and analysis of the reports submitted by States and nonregulated utilities, and recommendations for Federal actions to carry out the purposes of title I. The annual reports are expected to be a vehicle for accurately measuring the progress of these entities in order to provide a basis for legislative oversight by Congress.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Department of Energy 1. The Secretary of Energy should require States and nonregulated electric utilities to submit their third annual report to DOE by December 31, 1981, with status information through November 9, 1981. Because of the limited staff available, DOE should monitor the development of the report and the staffing level to assure that the report is issued by June 30, 1982.
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