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Load management projects at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) were evaluated in an attempt to determine their potential for application to the utility industry, and it appeared that water heater controls could be successfully implemented at this time. In October 1977, TVA approved a program to control existing water heaters in 400 homes, new 120-gallon water heaters in 100 homes, and space conditioning in 200 homes to demonstrate and evaluate the economic and technological feasibility of residential load management. Another plan was drafted in March 1978 by the Director of Power Utilization for the immediate implementation of controls on conventional and new 120-gallon water heaters. Implementation was to be achieved by installing remote control devices on existing water heaters; providing superinsulated 120-gallon water heaters, with electric service limited to off-peak hours, for installation in new and remodeled homes; and replacing existing water heaters with larger, more efficient units served off-peak.

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