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An audit was conducted of the current Clinch River Breeder Reactor (CRBR) project funding situation to assist in consideration of the fiscal year (FY) 1979 authorization for the Department of Energy (DOE). The overall project schedule has slipped a minimum of 18 months. DOE obligations and expenditures to date on the project have totaled about $505 million, and as of February 1978, the Department had about $2.3 million in unobligated budget authority available for obligation. Industry participants in the project have withheld about $15.5 million in contributions which could become available for obligation if the project is continued. If the $80 million in supplemental appropriation legislation for 1978 becomes law, project estimates show a minimum of $242 million would be needed to resume and continue full project activities. If apportionment of the $80 million appropriation is delayed due to rescission or deferral, the required FY 1979 budget authority could be somewhat less than $242 million, and the project could slip further. The Executive Branch is complying with CRBR legislation in its conduct of the project, but delay in project progress could bring into play the termination provisions of the cooperative arrangement.

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