Millennium Challenge Corporation--Availability of Appropriations for Compacts

B-327672 Sep 20, 2016
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The Millennium Challenge Corporation's (MCC) appropriations are available for the purpose of entering into compacts with certain countries, even where a country's income status changes before the compact enters into force. Because of the unique statutory process for development of a compact with a country, which may span several years, the country's income status at the beginning of the process determines the availability of MCC's appropriations for the compact. MCC's currently available appropriations, including no-year funds appropriated in a prior year (consistent with any restrictions applicable to those funds in that prior fiscal year), are available for the purpose of entering into a compact with a country that was properly identified as a candidate country, determined to be an eligible country, and selected for a compact for a fiscal year pursuant to the Millennium Challenge Act. This conclusion applies even where the country may have experienced a subsequent change in income status, before the compact enters into force, to an income status that, otherwise, would not be entitled to assistance. MCC is not required to reevaluate the candidacy decision and redetermine whether the country would meet the income criteria for a candidate country in place at the time the compact enters into force.


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