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Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission--Refreshments for a Combined Federal Campaign Event

B-325023 Jul 11, 2014
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Under the current circumstances, Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission's (OSHRC) appropriated funds are not available to pay for food at a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) kick-off event. Food is a personal expense. Appropriations are not available to pay for food unless specifically authorized, or unless the agency can demonstrate that such expenditures are an essential constituent part of the effective accomplishment of a statutory responsibility. In this case, OSHRC has not presented compelling empirical evidence demonstrating that food will likely generate or increase contributions to the CFC. That refreshments may enhance employee enthusiasm for the campaign, by itself, is not an adequate justification to use appropriations for what is otherwise a personal expense. We are unwilling to extend the availability of appropriations to cover food at CFC fundraising events unless Congress legislates such authority or an agency can make a compelling case that the offering of food at the event demonstrably increases contributions.


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