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A firm requested reconsideration of its protest of an Air Force contract award for a robotic paint booth. GAO had held that the: (1) protester untimely filed its protest more than 10 days after it knew the basis for protest; (2) Army properly determined that the awardee's bid was balanced, consistent, and low; and (3) protester untimely protested after bid opening against alleged solicitation improprieties. In its request for reconsideration, the protester contended that GAO: (1) improperly dismissed its protest as untimely; and (2) did not adequately investigate its allegation that the awardee's bid was unbalanced. GAO held that the: (1) protester received pricing information one month before it protested; and (2) protester's apparent disagreement with the original decision was not a valid basis for reconsideration. Accordingly, the reconsideration request was denied.

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