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A transferred Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) employee appealed his denied request for waiver of indebtedness for salary overpayments. DMA advised that: (1) the claimant's old duty station erroneously continued to directly deposit his salary into his bank account after his transfer; (2) the claimant immediately and continually informed it of his dual compensation from both the old and new duty stations; (3) the claimant repaid the net salary overpayment; and (4) it advised the claimant that he could recoup the federal tax overpayments during the next filing season and that he would have to reimburse it for its share of the overpaid taxes. In his appeal, the claimant contended that he was not at fault in the tax overpayments, since he routinely informed DMA of the dual compensation. GAO held that the claimant could not reasonably expect to retain the overpayments, since he was aware of the error. Accordingly, the claim was denied.


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