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The Department of Agriculture (USDA) requested a decision regarding a transferred employee's claim for reimbursement for travel and temporary quarters expenses. The claimant contended that he was entitled to reimbursement for: (1) mileage expenses he incurred in driving his own vehicle, since USDA authorized the travel, but did not specify the travel route; and (2) lodging expenses he incurred to retain temporary quarters at his new permanent duty station while he was away on temporary duty. GAO held that: (1) USDA properly limited its mileage reimbursement to the amount that the claimant would have incurred if he had taken the most reasonably direct route; and (2) the claimant was entitled to reimbursement for the new permanent duty station lodging expenses, if USDA determined that he acted reasonably in retaining the temporary quarters. Accordingly, the claim was allowed in part and denied in part.


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