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The Army requested an advance decision concerning an employee's claim for reimbursement for traffic violation fines he paid while on temporary duty in Panama. The Army advised that: (1) Panamanian police officers detained the claimant on two occasions, alleged that he violated traffic regulations, requested that he pay them directly, and refused to give him a receipt; (2) the claimant contended that he did not commit the violations; and (3) an employee travelling with the claimant submitted a signed statement attesting to the accuracy of his statements. GAO held that the: (1) Army could not reimburse the claimant from its temporary duty expenses appropriations, since fines for traffic offenses were the claimant's personal responsibility; and (2) claimant could present his claim for consideration under the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claim Act of 1964, as a claim for loss of personal funds incident to service. Accordingly, the claim was denied.


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