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The Army requested a decision regarding a reinstated employee's claim for reimbursement for temporary quarters subsistence expenses he incurred when the Army removed him from his civilian position in Europe. The claimant contended that, although he no longer had any supporting documentation or receipts, he was entitled to reimbursement for: (1) the lodging expenses he and his family incurred in staying at his parents' home; (2) the meal and laundry expenses they incurred during that period; and (3) interest on those expenses from 1983. GAO held that the: (1) claimant did not sufficiently support his lodging expenses claim; (2) Army could use any valid statistical reference to determine the reasonableness of the claimant's meal expenses; (3) claimant was entitled to reimbursement for the laundry expenses; and (4) claimant was not entitled to reimbursement for interest on the temporary quarters subsistence expenses, since he did not represent a business concern. Accordingly, the claim was denied in part and allowed in part, and the meal expenses portion of the claim was remanded to the Army.


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