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A retired Customs Service employee requested reconsideration of a decision which held that he could not retain full reimbursement for automobile rental and parking charges he incurred during a temporary duty assignment. In addition, he claimed additional amounts which Customs planned to recoup from him for: (1) home-to-work and weekend travel in a government vehicle; (2) travel expenses for seven trips to various locations; and (3) certain expenses he charged to a Customs imprest fund. GAO held that: (1) since the employee had not met his burden of proving the government's liability for any part of his transportation expenses, he was not entitled to retain reimbursement for the rental and parking charges; (2) although the use of the government car for home-to-work travel was improper, because it predated the decision which clarified the statutory restrictions on such usage, the employee did not have to repay mileage and parking expenses; and (3) the employee should reimburse Customs for his travel expenses and charges to the imprest fund, since he failed to demonstrate that he incurred the expenses for official purposes. Accordingly, the original decision was affirmed.


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