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A Corps of Engineers employee appealed a Claims Group settlement which denied his claim for reimbursement of the expenses of transporting his household goods incident to his change of official station. The employee set up a temporary office near his new duty station and did not move his household goods until he was able to settle permanently at the site. The employee requested and was granted an extension of time to file his claim for permanent change of station benefits. However, a request for a further extension was denied on the basis that more than 2 years had elapsed from the date of his transfer. Federal Travel Regulations (FTR's) provide that the maximum time for beginning allowable transportation may not exceed 2 years from the effective date of the employee's transfer. This time limitation may not be waived, modified, or extended by GAO. The employee pointed out that an FTR change permits the extension of the 2-year period for an additional year. However, the employee's entitlement period expired prior to the effective date of the change. Therefore, the amendment was not applicable to this case. Accordingly, the Claims Group settlement was sustained.


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