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An advance decision was requested concerning an Air Force officer's claim for dependent travel and dislocation allowances for his wife, who was separated from the Air Force at the time of his permanent change of station. The officer and his wife traveled from their duty stations overseas to his new station, which was at her home of record. The wife was paid travel and transportation allowances to her home of record, and the officer was paid travel and transportation allowances to the new duty station on the basis of his travel only and was paid a dislocation allowance at the without-dependent rate. The officer claimed dependent travel expenses and the difference between the without-dependent and with-dependent dislocation allowance rates. Dependent transportation allowances do not include the travel expenses of dependents who are in receipt of any other kind of travel allowance from the government. Since his wife's travel expenses were paid by the government, payment to the officer for dependent travel would result in dual compensation. Therefore, the officer could not claim his wife as a dependent in connection with the travel expenses. However, since the officer's wife was no longer in an active duty status when they arrived at the new duty station and they relocated their household incident to the officer's travel orders, the officer was entitled to a dislocation allowance at the with-dependent rate. Accordingly, a dislocation allowance, but not dependent travel expenses, may be paid.


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