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A firm protested the Air Force's issuance of a delivery order for word processing systems, contending that its price for the equipment was lower than the awardee's. It requested that the delivery order be invalidated and that a new order be issued to it. In evaluating the protester's price, the contracting officer failed to consider information he received about a price reduction because the General Services Administration (GSA) did not confirm the price change. GAO agreed with the protester's contention that once the protester's representative informed the Air Force of its price reduction, the contracting officer was obliged to use that price in determining the low quote. A vendor may offer a price reduction at any time and by any method without prior or subsequent GSA approval, and the agency must consider that reduction in evaluating quotes. The Air Force conceded that the contracting officer should have awarded the delivery order to the protester. Accordingly, the protest was sustained. However, since the equipment had already been delivered, corrective action was not appropriate.

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