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An authorized certifying officer of the Department of Health and Human Services requested an advance decision concerning an employee's responsibility to bear the cost of snow removal by a carrier which shipped his household goods under a Government Bill of Lading (GBL). At the new residence, a shuttle service, which was required by the carrier to negotiate the driveway, was authorized by the contracting officer to complete the transportation process. However, the carrier included a charge for snow removal when it submitted its bill to the Government, although this service was not specifically authorized when the shuttle was approved. GAO found that, although carriers may provide special services, such as snow removal, the employee is responsible for making his goods accessible to the carrier and his residence accessible to the carrier's equipment. GAO stated that the billing of this additional labor charge under the GBL did not change the fact that the service fulfilled the employee's rather than the Government's obligation. Accordingly, the charge for snow removal should be recovered from the employee.


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