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GAO was asked to comment on the liability of an agency employee whose transportation tickets, government travel requests (GTR), or cash advances for travel have been lost or stolen. The regulations governing lost or stolen tickets and GTR's state that each agency shall prescribe procedures to control GTR procurement, stocking, distribution, and accountability. Each officer and employee of the government or other person having custody of a GTR is responsible for its safe keeping and is liable for amounts which the government may be required to pay because of an improper use of the GTR resulting from fault or negligence of the custodian. Travelers are responsible for the custody of their tickets, and the failure to safeguard them may result in personal liability to the traveler if the tickets are used by unauthorized persons. Cash travel advances do not fall in the same category as tickets and GTR's. Employees are responsible for lost or stolen travel advances regardless of whether they are at fault or negligent.