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A retired Army officer requested further consideration of his claim for an increase in his mileage allowance entitlement for travel to his home of selection after retirement. The claim had been disallowed by GAO since he had been paid the mileage allowance which was in effect on his effective date of retirement. The officer contended that the effective date of his retirement was incorrect. He asserted that he was on active duty through that date and was not actually placed on the retired list until the following day, the date on which higher mileage rates went into effect. For computing allowances under retirement orders, Joint Travel Regulations provide that the effective date for determining entitlement to travel allowances is the last day of active duty. Since the last date of the officer's retirement duty was the day before the effective date for increased mileage rates, the increased rates did not apply to him. Accordingly, the disallowance of his claim was sustained.


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