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A Federal employee appealed the denial of his claim for reimbursement of round trip fare for use of a foreign air carrier in connection with an overseas trip. The claim was denied for lack of proper certification. The transportation officer who authorized the travel refused to certify that travel by non-certified air carriers was necessary. This refusal was based on the fact that the employee's travel to Brussels should have been routed by U.S. carrier between Washington and London because the traveler was required to use U.S. air carrier service available at origin to the farthest practicable interchange point on a usually traveled route. When the origin point is not served by a U.S. carrier, a foreign air carrier should be used to the nearest practicable interchange point to connect with U.S. air carrier service. Since U.S. air carrier service was available for a substantial portion of the travel, GAO found that the employee was correctly assessed a penalty for his travel by foreign air carrier. Therefore, the employee's claim for reimbursement of the amount of that penalty was disallowed.


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