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GAO was asked for an advance decision on a claim for travel expenses in connection with an employee's temporary duty and a change of permanent duty station. The questions raised concerning temporary duty entitlements related to the fact that the employee did not maintain a residence at his permanent duty station but shared a rented apartment with his dependents while assigned to temporary duty. Those circumstances gave rise to doubt as to the employee's entitlement to travel, transportation, and temporary quarters allowances in connection with the subsequent designation of his temporary duty post as his permanent duty station. The fact that the employee terminated his lodging at his permanent duty station during his temporary duty assignment and relocated his household goods and family to the temporary duty site does not defeat his entitlement to lodging costs in connection with his temporary duty residence. There was no basis to deny reimbursement of the employee's claim for lodging and meals as it was within the maximum reimbursement allowable. The fact that his dependents resided with him during part of his temporary duty does not diminish his entitlement to reimbursement for their transportation and the transportation of household goods from the old to the new duty station. Federal travel regulations provide for payment of subsistence expenses of an employee and his family while occupying temporary quarters when an employee is transferred to a new official station. The employee continued to live in his temporary duty apartment after notification of his transfer, and his dependents discontinued a stay with friends. Since he and his dependents cannot be said to have vacated a residence in which they were residing at the time the transfer was authorized, the employee is not entitled to payment of temporary quarters expenses after the date of the notification of his relocation.


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