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The Department of Energy requested a decision regarding a transferred employee's claim for reimbursement for travel and per diem expenses he incurred when he left temporary quarters at his new duty station and returned to his old duty station to transfer household goods and relocate his family. The claimant contended that he was entitled to such reimbursement, since: (1) he was on temporary duty; and (2) his family began the relocation process when they left their residence at the old duty station. GAO held that the claimant was: (1) not on temporary duty during the round-trip travel between his old and new duty stations and was not authorized per diem to cover that travel; (2) not entitled to reimbursement for his family's temporary lodging expenses at his old duty station; (3) not entitled to reimbursement for local travel expenses between his temporary quarters and his old residence; and (4) entitled to reimbursement for temporary lodging expenses at his old duty station, if DOE determined that the period for temporary quarters subsistence expenses had not expired. Accordingly, the claim was allowed in part.


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