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A firm requested reconsideration of a GAO decision which denied its prior request for reconsideration of the rejection of its bid. The bid was submitted in response to a reprocurement solicitation for projects on which the protester was the prior contractor. The protester was terminated for default under the original contract. The protester restated its original arguments but added no new facts and did not show that the original decision was erroneous in any way. Therefore, GAO found no basis which would cause it to change its prior decision. GAO declined to consider the argument that the reprocurement contract was an entirely new contract because such matters constitute a dispute of fact and are for resolution by the agency appellate board. At the time of the rejection, the decision that the protester's contract was in default was reasonable since it had not been overturned by appeal. Because the contractor failed to demonstrate any error of law or information not previously considered, the prior decision denying reconsideration was affirmed.


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