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Reconsideration was requested of a prior decision which determined that an Army member was not entitled to an additional temporary lodging allowance, absent a determination by the overseas commander that the additional allowance was necessary. The member submitted a request for payment signed by his company commander. The member indicated that this request authorized the additional lodging allowance. GAO was unable to conclude that the document submitted by the member represented proper authorization of additional temporary lodging allowance. The company commander's request did not approve a period of additional temporary lodging allowance in increments of 10 days or less. In addition, the memorandum did not include a tabulation of allowable expenses. Applicable regulations require that the overseas commanders specifically authorize or approve extensions of temporary lodging allowance beyond the first 60 days. Those commanders must rank at least as installation commanders or their equivalent. The company commander was not such a commander and, thus, did not have the authority to approve payment of the allowances claimed by the member. Accordingly, GAO found no grounds warranting reversal of the prior decision and, therefore, it was affirmed.


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