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This document is the fifth annual compilation of General Accounting Office findings and recommendations for improving Government operations. This compilation relates for the most part to the fiscal year 1963. The purpose of this report is to provide the Congress with a convenient summary showing the nature, extent, and variety of matters examined by the General Accounting Office in carrying out its audit responsibilities. These responsibilities are derived from the Budget and Accounting Act, 1921, and other laws which require us to independently examine for the Congress the manner in which Government departments and agencies are discharging their financial responsibilities. This report also discloses the actions taken by the departments and agencies as a result of our recommendations. The financial savings and benefits resulting from these actions cannot always be measured. However, measurable financial benefits identified during the fiscal year 1963, which were directly attributable to action taken or planned by the departments and agencies on our findings and recommendations, amounted to $218,380,000. In addition, collections of $29,167,000 were made during the fiscal year 1963 through the efforts of our Office.

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