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Pursuant to an agency request, GAO provided information to the Department of State on Title 2 and Title 7 of its Policy and Procedures Manual pertaining to the processing of employee travel claims. GAO noted that: (1) Title 2 does not prohibit the retention of supporting travel documentation by federal employees, but sufficient controls are needed to ensure that retiring or transferring employees submit the documents to the agency upon separation; (2) the State proposal provides several controls for forgoing the submission of supporting documentation to validate travel claims, but State should ensure that certifying officers are aware that they can request the supporting documentation prior to certification if they need it; (3) State should analyze the costs and benefits of reimbursing employees on a flat-rate basis before implementing the rate; (4) State should ensure that the software for electronic signatures can be validated in its automated accounting system; and (5) State should emphasize its new claims processing system and employees' retention of travel documentation in its financial integrity reports.

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