Protest Involving Firm's Failure To Receive IFB

B-201245: Dec 16, 1980

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A firm protested the fact that it did not receive a copy of an invitation for bids (IFB) issued by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). A notice was published in the Commerce Business Daily concerning the issuance of the IFB. The firm contacted DLA and was told that the IFB had been delayed but that it would be notified of its issuance. The firm called DLA a second time and was told the bids had already been received and opened and that nothing could be done. The firm based its protest on the contentions that it was unfairly denied an opportunity to compete by not receiving a copy of the IFB and that DLA did not receive the most competitive price since the firm did not bid. Two reasonable bids were received, thus the competition was adequate. No deliberate attempt or conscious intent to preclude the firm from bidding was evident. Accordingly, the protest was denied.