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Horizon Graphics & Printing (Appellant), v. U.S. Government Printing Office (Respondent), CAB No. 2015-3

2015-3 May 11, 2015
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By email dated April 28, 2015, supplemented by an email dated April 30, 2015, Horizon Graphics and Printing (Horizon) requests a "final written decision of the GPO [sic] Contract Appeals Board for the amount of $397.50." This request appears to be related to an ongoing exchange between Horizon and a GPO contracting officer regarding changes to a contract for printing of emergency instructions and materials for the U.S. Courts and payment therefor.

The jurisdiction of the Board extends to “appeals from decisions of contracting officers with respect to any contract entered into by a legislative branch agency.” Rules of Procedure of the Government Accountability Office Contract Appeals Board, Oct. 14, 2008, at iv; see also id., Rule 3a. (“notice shall identify … decision from which the appeal is taken”).
Here, the appellant has failed to demonstrate, or even allege, that a contracting officer's final decision has been issued (or even sought) and our review of the record indicates none. The appeal therefore lacks a necessary prerequisite for the Board's jurisdiction and accordingly is dismissed.


Office of Public Affairs