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Policy and Procedures Manual for Guidance of Federal Agencies

Published: Feb 01, 1991. Publicly Released: Feb 01, 1991.
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Accounting standards included in Title II of this manual have been revised or superseded by Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) standards. For up to date information on federal accounting standards, please see our 1997 update, FASAB VOLUME 1 ORIGINAL STATEMENTS: Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Concepts and Standards, and our 2001 update, ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES, STANDARDS, AND REQUIREMENTS: Title 2 Standards Not Superceded by FASAB Issuances. Accounting standards for 1) C30 - compensated absences, 2) F30 - foreign currency, 3) G10 - grants and cooperative agreements, 4) I10 - imputed interest, 5) L40 - long-term contracts, and 6) R20 - regulatory accounting are not superseded by FASAB standards. See current FASAB standards at

GAO published a manual containing: (1) accounting principles, standards, and related requirements for federal agencies' development of accounting systems and internal auditing programs; (2) uniform procedures for use by federal agencies; and (3) regulations that govern the relationship between GAO and other federal agencies, and with individuals and private concerns doing business with the government.

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