[Query Concerning Authorization for Mileage and Per Diem]

B-210467: Sep 12, 1983

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A Marine Corps disbursing officer requested an advance decision concerning an officer's entitlement to an additional mileage allowance and per diem incident to his return from overseas and his assignment to a new duty station. The officer was ordered to make a permanent change of station from Okinawa to California, with the appropriate port of debarkation being Los Angeles. He was authorized mileage and per diem expenses from Los Angeles to his new duty station. Marine Corps' policy allows a member with a relocated, privately owned vehicle to select an alternate port of debarkation for the purpose of retrieving the vehicle; the officer selected St. Louis. Although the officer debarked in Los Angeles, he claimed a mileage allowance plus per diem on a constructive basis from Los Angeles to St. Louis to his new duty station. GAO found no provision in the Joint Travel Regulations (J.T.R.) authorizing such an entitlement. Since this claim affects travel costs to the government on permanent changes of station, GAO held that it is a travel entitlement issue to be regulated by J.T.R. Accordingly, the settlement that the officer received was proper and his claim for further allowances may not be allowed.