Press Release

GAO Statement Regarding Protest Filed By Boeing Company With the Government Accountability Office

Today, March 11, 2008, Boeing Company filed with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) a protest concerning the Department of the Air Force’s award of a contract to Northrop Grumman for new refueling tanker aircraft. As required by law, GAO will issue a decision within 100 days of the filing date, which is June 19, 2008. Further information about GAO’s bid protest process can be found at

The protest contains proprietary and source selection sensitive information. GAO cannot discuss the contents of the protest, nor can we release a copy. Release of any further information is limited to counsel for the protester and intervenor admitted under the GAO protective order issued for this protest and to the Air Force. GAO typically issues a public version of the decision as soon as possible after it resolves the protest.

For any further information, please contact Michael R. Golden, managing associate general counsel of GAO’s procurement law division, at 202-512-8233.