Press Release Statement on Tanker Protest


WASHINGTON (October 6, 2010) –The following is a statement from Ralph O. White, Managing Associate General Counsel for Procurement Law at GAO, regarding today’s decision on a protest filed by U.S. Aerospace, Inc., (B-403464, B-403464.2.):

On Wednesday, October 6, the U.S. Government Accountability Office denied a protest by U.S. Aerospace, Inc. challenging a decision by the Air Force to reject as late the protester’s proposal for the KC-X tanker modernization program. This legal decision by GAO's attorneys concludes that the U.S. Aerospace proposal to build the KC-X tanker was received after the deadline for the receipt of proposals. Consequently the Air Force acted appropriately in rejecting the proposal. The decision addresses both the initial protest, and supplemental issues raised by the company. The decision is publicly available on GAO’s website at Any inquiries about the ongoing procurement for the KC-X tanker modernization program should be directed to the Air Force.

For more information contact Chuck Young in the GAO Office of Public Affairs at 202-512-4800.


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