Just Facts

Posted on August 13, 2018
A lot of time and attention to detail goes into every one of GAO’s non-partisan, fact-based reports. As a result, there may be a lot of interesting nuggets buried in each PDF, on page 10, 100, or even 300. We’d like to free those facts. So starting today on the @USGAO Twitter account, we’ll start pulling some of those facts out and sending them off as part of our daily “Just Facts” series. You can look forward to one fact a day, every weekday morning. Each year, we issue around 700-1,000 new reports and testimonies that investigate federal spending and performance—and help hold the federal government accountable. So there are a lot of facts to choose from and if they interest you, you can always read more. For example, did you know…? GAO Fact Card GAO Fact Card GAO Fact Card Follow us on Twitter to hear about our latest reports and news—and keep up with #JustFacts.