Taking a Big Bite in GAO’s New Podcasts

Posted on April 20, 2017
The concept behind GAO’s original Watchdog Report podcast was to take a long report and distill it to a 5-minute conversation about the bottom line. We think it’s been pretty well received—we have over 400,000 downloads of our episodes and our ratings average 4.5 stars on iTunes. As one reviewer put it, our podcasts are a “Great peek into the checks and balances the government is trying to employ.” When we started podcasting in 2010, podcasts were still a relatively new medium. Now, however, they’re an established part of the mainstream media landscape. We don’t want to mess with a formula that works—so we’ll still be making regular Watchdog Report podcasts. However, we’re also experimenting with expanding the Watchdog Report to dig a little deeper into the issues. That’s why we’re introducing The Watchdog Report: Big Bite Edition. In these longer podcasts, we’ll really sink our teeth into GAO’s nonpartisan reports on federal spending and ways to make the government work better. The first Big Bite is on financial technologies. Collectively known as “FinTech,” these technological innovations are being used to provide financial services directly to consumers. FinTech has the potential to shake up the traditional financial services industry—and the federal financial regulations that are supposed to protect people. 2017 Lawrance Evans FINTECH-8 You can listen to our chat with Lawrance Evans, Jr., a director in our Financial Markets and Community Investment team, on what you need to know about FinTech:
Big Bite: Financial Technology
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