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Showing You the Money: GAO’s 2014 Performance and Accountability Report

Posted on November 17, 2014
What is GAO’s audit work worth to you, the taxpayer? Today, we can tell you that in fiscal year 2014, our work led to $54.4 billion in financial benefits—a $100 return for every $1 Congress invested in us. We also found 1,288 ways to make government more efficient. All this information, and more, is available in our 2014 Performance and Accountability Report. As you’ll see in the report, GAO doesn’t just hold other agencies accountable. Each year, we measure our performance to hold ourselves accountable. In this report, we share our progress and illustrate the benefits of our work for Congress and the nation. See the infographic below for an overview of our fiscal year 2014 accomplishments. For full details, and information on how we calculate results and find savings, check out our Performance and Accountability Report. GAO-15-1SP_PAR_Infographic

Source: GAO.  |  GAO-15-1SP