AskGAOLive: IRS Securing Financial and Taxpayer Data

Posted on April 10, 2014

What happens to all the personal data you send to IRS with your tax return? Join us for a chat about IRS controls to secure your data from threats, today at 2:00pm ET. You can send us your questions in advance via e-mail or on Twitter using #AskGAOLive.

In the course of collecting taxes, the Internal Revenue Service handles sensitive financial and personal taxpayer information. It relies on its information systems and security controls to keep that information secure. Gregory Wilshusen, a director in GAO’s Information Technology team, will discuss the findings of GAO’s recent evaluation and answer your questions.

AskGAOLive Chat on IRS Securing Financial and Taxpayer Data

Online video chat with Gregory Wilshusen, Director, Information Technology.

Can’t tune in at 2:00?

  • We will update this blog post with a YouTube recording of the chat when it is available.
  • Read our recent report on IRS information security.
  • Listen to our podcast with director Greg Wilshusen.
Securing Financial and Taxpayer Data at IRS
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Gregory C. Wilshusen