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What GAO Does

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GAO provides Congress, the heads of executive agencies, and the public with timely, fact-based, non-partisan information that can be used to improve government and save taxpayers billions of dollars.

Our work is done at the request of congressional committees or subcommittees or is statutorily required by public laws or committee reports, per our Congressional Protocols.

100 Years of GAO

In 2021, the U.S. Government Accountability Office celebrated a century of service as a source of objective, non-partisan information on government operations. GAO plays a key role in helping Congress improve the performance of government, ensuring transparency and saving money. 

Three Comptrollers General Reflect on Their Tenures at GAO


Chuck Bowsher, David Walker, and Gene Dodaro talk about GAO's history, how they've tried to shape the organization, and how the past informs GAO's role in government for the next 100 years.