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Performance and Accountability Report 2000


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Page last updated May 2, 2001
capitol domeAs the investigative arm of the Congress, GAO evaluates the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of a wide range of federal policies and programs. Primarily in response to congressional requests and mandates--but also through our own targeted research and development efforts--we publish thousands of reports and other documents each year and provide a number of related services to support legislative oversight and improve government operations. More about GAO's organization and structure.

By making recommendations to improve government programs and services, GAO contributes to more effective federal spending. Our work also helps to raise the public's trust and confidence in the federal government.

Consistent with the spirit of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993, GAO operates under a broad strategic plan, one that currently covers fiscal years 2000 through 2005. To drive our work toward the goals envisioned in the strategic plan, we developed detailed strategic objective plans and report our results yearly to the Congress and the public. In addition, we publish an annual performance plan to guide our day-to-day efforts to meet our strategic goals and objectives. This year, in response to the Congress's desire to have financial and performance management information presented in a more cohesive format, we have merged three documents into one:

our performance report for fiscal year 2000,

our accountability report for fiscal year 2000, and

our performance plan for fiscal year 2002.

The combined, full-length report, which you can download as a PDF, represents one more step in GAO's efforts to lead by example. This HTML version is based on the smaller highlights book (also available as a PDF) but also includes some details from the full-length version.

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