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Performance and Accountability Report 2000

External Factors That Could Affect Performance

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Page last updated April 9, 2001

capitol domeA number of external factors could affect our ability to meet our goals and objectives.

Among them are emerging national issues, international developments, and the resources we receive. For instance, during fiscal year 2001, both a new Congress and a new administration are beginning work. The many new committee chairs in the House, a 50/50 split in the Senate, and the extended transition in progress may affect our planned work. The priorities set under the previous Congress may change, new issues may emerge, and the number of requests we receive for testimony and other work may be lower than expected.

At the international level, to protect the safety of GAO employees, we may have to restrict the scope of work on certain issues. Moreover, because we do not have audit authority with respect to foreign government entities, our ability to conduct thorough analyses of some issues is affected by the level of openness and voluntary cooperation we can obtain.

In addition, while we continue to make progress toward our strategic goals, achieving them will depend on having sufficient budgetary resources available, particularly for technology and process improvements that support our goal to serve as a model agency.

Although these external factors are beyond our control, we will continue to work closely with our congressional clients, to monitor domestic and international events, and to maintain broad-based staff expertise so that we can quickly adapt to meet emerging needs.

For a more detailed discussion of the external factors that could affect GAO's work, please download the PDF of the full-length version of this report.

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