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The United States General Accounting Office
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Performance and Accountability Report 2000


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Page last updated April 11, 2001
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A Letter From the Comptroller General


Performance in Fiscal Year 2000

Charting Agencywide Performance

Measures and Targets
Verification and Validation of Performance Data

Performance by Strategic Goal

Goal 1: The Well-Being and Financial Security of the American People
Goal 2: Changing Security Threats and Challenges of Global Interdependence
Goal 3: A Results-Oriented and Accountable Federal Government
Goal 4: GAO as a Model Organization for the Federal Government

Looking Ahead: Fiscal Years 2001 and 2002

Performance Targets
Proposed FY 2002 Budget

Strategies and Challenges--Meeting Our Goals

Crosscutting Issues
Major Management Challenges
External Factors

Financial Information

Financial Systems and Internal Controls
Condensed Financial Statements
Report of the Audit Advisory Committee
Independent Auditor's Report (PDF)

GAO's consolidated Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year 2000 and Performance Plan for Fiscal Year 2002 can also be downloaded as printer-friendly PDF versions of the highlights or the full-length report.


Accountability, Integrity, Reliability

GAO Core Values - Accountability GAO Core Values - Integrity GAO Core Values - Reliability