INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS: Survey of Transit Providers Serving Small Urban and Rural Areas (GAO-16-639SP, June 21, 2016), an E-supplement to GAO-16-638

Read the Full Report: INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS: Urban and Rural Transit Providers Reported Various Benefits, but Face Deployment Challenges (GAO-16-638).


This document presents the results of GAO's survey of small urban and rural transit providers on their use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In order to learn about transit providers' use of ITS and perspectives on the costs, benefits, and challenges associated with ITS, we conducted a web-based survey by selecting a stratified random sample of 312 transit providers using reporting year 2013 data from the Federal Transit Administration's National Transit Database. The results of the survey can be generalized to the population of 314 transit providers that serve small urban areas and 582 transit providers with more than 10 vehicles that serve rural areas, and are presented as estimates with 95 percent confidence intervals within plus or minus 10 percentage points, unless otherwise noted. We obtained completed questionnaires from 233 respondents, or about a 75 percent response rate.

In this e-supplement we present the survey questionnaire and results regarding use of 10 ITS technologies, ITS costs, ITS benefits, ITS challenges, sources of funding for ITS, resources used for technical support for ITS, and the federal ITS Joint Program Office. We do not include narratives provided in open-ended questions, due to some answers possibly revealing respondents' identities based on the content provided.

A more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology is contained in our report "Intelligent Transportation Systems: Urban and Rural Transit Providers Reported Various Benefits from ITS, but Face Deployment Challenges" GAO-16-638 (Washington, D.C.: June 2016). We administered the survey from November 2015 to December 2015 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.


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