Managing for Results: 2013 Federal Managers Survey on Organizational Performance and Management Issues (GAO-13-519SP, June 2013), an E-supplement to GAO-13-518

Read the Full Report: Managing for Results: Executive Branch Should More Fully Implement the GPRA Modernization Act to Address Pressing Governance Challenges (GAO-13-518).

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

This section of the e-supplement presents the responses provided by mid-level and upper-level managers and supervisors at NRC to the questions on the Federal Managers Survey. In addition to the agency responses, it also presents the overall governmentwide estimates, which include NRC responses for each question. Although respondents were asked to provide written comments to open-ended questions, these responses are not provided here. We received useable responses from about 77 percent of the eligible sample from NRC. Survey responses are presented in the aggregate form.

Please note: This e-publication presents the aggregate results to survey questions as reported to GAO by the managers in our sample. In Section 6b-Agency Priority Goals, NRC managers were directed to skip the questions in this section as NRC was not required by the Office of Management and Budget to develop agency priority goals for fiscal years 2012-2013. Some NRC managers elected to provide responses to these questions and their responses are presented below.

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Questionnaire Contents

Page Name Questionnaire Results
Introduction View View
Section 1 - Background View View
Section 2 - Agency Strategic Goals View View
Section 3a - Performance Measurement (Performance Measures) View View
Section 3b - Performance Measurement (Performance Information) View View
Section 3c - Performance Measurement (Hindrances) View View
Section 4 - Agency Climate View View
Section 4 - Agency Climate (Continued) View View
Section 5 - Training View View
Section 6 - GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 View View
Section 6a. - Cross-Agency Priority Goals View View
Section 6b. - Agency Priority Goals View View
Section 6c. - Quarterly Performance Reviews View View
Section 7 - Program Evaluations View View
Section 8 - Comments and Final Response Submission View View


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